Medical Equipment Sales Leads

Reach NEW worldwide buyers easily and effectively!

Now you can try MedWOW’s pre-qualified quality leads and easily sell the medical equipment you have in your inventory. All leads are buyers in the final stage of the purchasing cycle, who know exactly what they want, including: manufacturer, model, device, condition, location… and even what date they need it by.

The MedWOW Leads Quality Assurance Team invests a lot of time and effort to screen-out inappropriate or unqualified leads through a stringent qualification process, so every lead you purchase is exceptional!
Lead Sources

When You Use MedWOW’s Sales Leads:

  • All customers are ready to purchase - MedWOW leads are pre-qualified, registered buyers who know exactly what they are looking for and are committed to purchase immediately.
  • Leads are new and constantly updated - More than 10,500 visitors enter the MedWOW site daily and transactions occur quickly and on a regular basis, so leads are kept fresh and current.
  • Meet new international customers who will become part of your regular clientele. This is an excellent opportunity to provide buyers all over the world with medical equipment they are looking for and add to your client base - quickly, easily and efficiently.
  • Choose exclusive or shared leads - An exclusive lead is sold only once, and no other seller can purchase it later, while a shared lead can be distributed up to three times.
  • Excellent Replacement Policy - We are constantly striving to increase the quality of our leads, but sometimes a lead does need to be replaced. In those situations, we take pride in providing you with replacement leads, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!