Fee Schedule

This policy is incorporated to the MedWOW's User Agreement (the "User Agreement"). By accepting the User Agreement, you agree to be bound by the terms of this policy, as well.

Fees for Buying & Selling Used Medical Equipment

Seller Transaction Fee

The seller transaction fee is paid according to the following conditions:

1. Transaction Fee for a Posted Item:

When a buyer is interested in an item for sale, both the buyer and the seller of the item immediately receive each other’s contact details.
As soon as the sale process is successfully completed,seller must pay the transaction fee, according to the item’s final agreed-upon price.
Seller may receive details of several buyers looking for the same item for sale. The transaction fee is only paid if the sale process is completed successfully with any one of these buyers, and the transaction fee is calculated according to the price that has been paid by that buyer.

Note: If the seller sold an item to a MedWOW buyer, even if it is not the posted item the buyer originally expressed interest in, the seller still must pay the transaction fee to MedWOW for the sold item.

Item’s price ($)

Transaction Fee




6% of item’s price


5% of item’s price

Above 10,000

4% of item’s price

2. Transaction Fee for a Buying Lead:

If a seller has purchased a buying lead (see “Fees for Purchasing Leads” section), and the selling process with this buyer has been successfully completed, the seller should pay the transaction fee, according to the item’s final price.


The Transaction Fee must be paid by the Seller for any successful deal between himself and a registered MedWOW Buyer, regardless of any prior connections between the 2 parties and/or irrespective of the item being displayed for sale on other websites.


Auction Fees

Auction Transaction Fee:

The winning bidder and seller, each, pay 50% of the auction transaction fee to MedWOW.

The auction transaction fee is based on the "final value" of the item, which is the selling price at closing. The auction transaction fee is not charged if there are no bids on an item or the last bid did not meet the seller's reserve price.

Buyer's auction transaction fee (50% of the auction transaction fee) is deducted from the amount the buyer pays to the seller.

Auction Buyer Transaction Fee

2% of the item's selling price

Auction Seller Transaction Fee

2% of the item's selling price

Fees for Buying & Selling Using PayPal Payment Service

To get paid using the PayPal service on MedWOW, sellers must have a PayPal account. Please note that currently, selling through PayPal is limited to 10,000 USD per transaction.

  • In order to use this service, sellers must sign up for PayPal, if they don’t already have an account.
  • Buyers can pay for their required item with PayPal or credit card.
  • As soon the payment is successfully completed by the buyer, the funds are transferred to the seller's PayPal account, and the item is shipped to the buyer. 
Note that when the payment is transferred to your PayPal account, MedWOW’s transaction fee will automatically be deducted.

MedWOW.com is not responsible for any future changes to the PayPal fees policy.

Learn more about PayPal’s fee policy.

Fees for Posting Brand New Medical Equipment

Brand New Items Listing Fee

Transactions of brand new items are not completed online (through MedWOW), because the listings contain the seller’s contact details and a link to his/her website. Therefore, the seller is required to pay a listing fee prior to posting his/her new items. The Brand New Items Listing Fee is $0.75 per item, per calendar month. The listing fee is only charged if the item is successfully posted and confirmed.

The total listing fee is calculated as of 1st of each calendar month, and includes the entire quantity of brand new items that have been posted during the preceding month.

Brand New Items Listing Fee

$0.75 per item, per calendar month

Fees for Purchasing Leads

Following are the fees for purchasing leads on MedWOW.

Note: Before purchasing a lead, user can view full details about the lead, as well as the opening date of the lead. MedWOW can not guarantee that the lead is still relevant.

Buying Leads

When a seller is interested in a specific buying lead, the seller pays a fee in order to receive the buyer’s contact details:

In order to receive the Buyer’s contact details, a lead must be purchased. You have a choice between an exclusive lead which is sold only once, or a shared lead, which can be sold up to three times.

A lead’s value is rated by credits. The higher the profit potential, the more credits a lead is worth. A lead can be valued from 1-4 credits for shared leads to 2-8 for exclusive leads.

Price Range ($)

Regular Purchase Credits

Exclusive Purchase Credits

0 - 3,000



3,001 - 6,000



6,001 - 15,000



> 15,000



An individual credit is worth $20.

When purchasing leads credits, you have the option of choosing discounted packages to save money. The larger the package of credits you purchase, the less expensive each lead is.


Price ($)




$20 per credit




$18 per credit

You save 10%



$17 per credit

You save 15%



$16 per credit

You save 20%



$15 per credit

You save 25%



$14 per credit

You save 30%

Service Leads

There are also 2 types of service leads available for purchase on MedWOW: 

  • Shipping Leads
  • Leasing & Financing Leads

When a user is interested in a specific service lead, the user must pay a fee in order to receive the buyer’s contact details: 

  • Exclusive Service Lead Fee - if the user chose this option, no other user can purchase this lead for this type of service (for example - if a shipping company purchased the shipping lead exclusively, no other shipping company can purchase this lead). The fixed price for an exclusive purchase is 2 credits.
  • Service Lead Fee - if the user chose this option, other users will also have the option to purchase this lead. The fixed price for a shared purchase is 1 credit.

Inspection Cost

User who wishes to order a device inspection, as set forth in MedWOW's Inspection Policy, will pay MedWOW an inspection cost.

Upon submitting a request for inspection, MedWOW will contact an inspection company and forward the quotation to the user.

The inspection cost includes the cost for inspecting, cost of time, and cost of traveling to device site.

Inspection Cost

Vary according to type of inspection, cost etc…

Changes to this Policy

We may change and update the terms of this Policy from time to time. We therefore recommend that you read it periodically. Any changes in our Fee Schedule shall take effect at least fourteen days after posting a notice on MedWOW of the changes. However, temporary fees for promotional events and fees for new services shall take effect immediately after being posted in the Fee Schedule.

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