Premium Members Program Policy

This policy explains your rights and duties as a Premium Member on MedWOW. Premium Membership is subject MedWOW's User Agreement (the "User Agreement") and to this policy.

This policy is incorporated to the User Agreement. By accepting the User Agreement, you agree to be bound by the terms of this policy, as well.

A Premium member on site is eligible for advantages such as higher ranking on search results and discounts.



Becoming Premium Member and the accompanying benefits are under the sole discretion of MedWOW, and user shall have no claims relating to becoming Premium Member or to the accompanying benefits.



- User's posted items are ranked higher on MedWOW search results.

- Buyer's priority is doing business with MedWOW PREMIUM companies.

- Better chances of establishing steady business on MedWOW site.

- User's MedWOW listings will appear with the MedWOW PREMIUM logo.

- User's fee to MedWOW is lower!



What it takes to become a MedWOW PREMIUM:

- Signing MedWOW User Agreement.

- Agreeing to resolve problems by means of MedWOW's mediation service, in the case that a dispute arises.

- Providing five references from people/institutes user did business with.

- Had at least 1 business transaction through MedWOW site in a calendar year.

- Add a link to MedWOW from your company website. This option is only relevant if your company has a website, and if you believe that can be of assistance to your users.

Note that the Premium title given is for one calendar year as long as the seller made at least one transaction during that year and there were no complaints from buyers that were found to be justified.


Becoming Premium Member

To become a premium member please contact MedWOW by using the 'contact us' form on MedWOW, or by contacting MedWOW at


Changes to this Policy

We may change and update the terms of this Policy from time to time. We therefore recommend that you read it periodically. All substantial changes that we make to this Policy will be notified on MedWOW and take effect 30 days following their initial posting.


Contact us

You may send us requests, responses, questions and complaints, by using the 'contact us' form on MedWOW, or by contacting us at

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